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We know that every family is on a unique journey and may need a little extra help from time to time. Whether this is your first time sleep learning or you’ve succeeded in the past but have recently hit a wall, Owlet Sleep Experts can help!

Schedule a private virtual sleep consultation with one of Owlet’s certified sleep experts. During the consultation you can ask our experts any question(s) you have regarding your little one’s sleep. We’ll help you get back on track as soon as possible.

Meet our Expert

Michelle Smith is a Registered Sleep Specialist, with a Certification in Clinical Sleep Health and Newborn Care Educator with specialties in Baby Sleep Training, Lactation Support, and Care of Preemies and Multiples. She has over a decade of clinical experience in sleep medicine offering guidance in Behavioral and Sleep Hygiene practices. Michelle is a mom of twin girls and a boy close in age. At one point she had three occupied cribs in her home and quickly realized how important it is to build healthy sleep habits in the newborn to toddler stages and how critical that can be for parents’ survival and sanity. She has chosen to focus her career on proactive sleep solutions for chronically sleep-deprived families.

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