Babies are busy sleepers!

Babies are very noisy and busy in their sleep. You’ve probably noticed your little one wiggles around quite a bit, changes positions, and makes all sorts of noises during sleep. You may think Baby is awake because of all the noise and activity, but it’s actually part of their active sleep cycle. During active sleep, your baby’s brain is very busy processing everything they’ve seen, heard, and learned throughout the day. Their bodies respond to this stimulation through movement and sound. So, before you rush to get your baby because you think they are awake, wait and watch for a bit first and you may be surprised to see that they are actually asleep through all of that noise and activity.

Sleep anticipations

Number of naps:
3 – 4
Nap lengths:
1 – 3 hours
Night wakings:
0 – 2
Night sleep:
10 hours
Total amount of sleep:
14 – 15 hours

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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