Baby is more aware and distracted

Does your baby want to look around at everything during feedings lately? At about 4 months, babies are suddenly much more aware of their surroundings and can become distracted easily during feedings. This can be frustrating at times, since Baby may pull away multiple times during a feeding or want to play instead of eat. Pets, older siblings, or activity and noises in your home can all contribute to feeding distractions. Bring your baby to a quieter room or area of your house with less activity for a more successful feeding experience. These distractions are a completely normal part of your baby’s development, but it’s a new challenge for you to have a busy baby who wants to see everything that’s going on around them.

Feeding anticipations

Number of feedings:
6 – 8 per day
Breastfeeding frequency:
On demand
Breastfeeding amount:
15 – 20 minutes per breast
Bottle feeding frequency:
On demand
Bottle feeding amount:
4 – 6 oz
1 – 2 times per day

*Only introduce solids if Baby is interested and developmentally ready.

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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