Baby might be sleeping longer

You have officially survived the first 3 months! Some new skills you may see from your baby are rolling, smiling in response to your voice, and babbling sounds. At this point, you’re probably getting plenty of advice on your baby’s sleep and how to get Baby to sleep longer. But the truth is, your baby will do this on their own time, so focus on supporting your baby’s sleep learning skills and keeping them on a consistent bedtime and wake time schedule. You may start to notice that your baby can achieve longer periods of sleep on their own without your support. However, the ability to fully self-soothe is a developmental milestone that is not usually fully developed until around 6 months of age.

Sleep anticipations

Number of naps:
3 – 4
Nap lengths:
30 minutes – 2 hours
Night wakings:
1 – 2
Night sleep:
9 – 11 hours
Total amount of sleep:
12 – 16 hours

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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