Self care

Practicing self care is not just the latest trend (though we are excited to see it is being normalized) it’s also an important part of parenting. Your baby needs their parents to be well rested and well cared for so they can be as present as possible.

What do you miss?

Self care looks different for everyone. It can help to sit down and think about what you miss most or what you need in your life to feel like you’re valuing yourself. Make a list to help narrow down your goals. This is also a good time to discuss your self care goals with your partner or support person.

Socializing is good for you and Baby

If you miss socializing prior to having your baby, the good news is your baby is portable and can tag along on any adventure. In fact, social and environmental changes are perfect neural exercises for your baby. The outdated belief that overstimulation is bad for your baby has kept parents home and isolated for years, but newer studies show that changing the sensory scenery is amazing for your baby’s brain development and has vast benefits for parents’ mental health. Believing that you can’t venture out during nap time because your baby won’t get enough dedicated sleep is not only false, but can also hinder your nighttime sleep success. Some parents find that a baby showing signs of being overtired will quickly fall asleep once they leave the house, which can be due to the change in their sensory scenery. As you make your list of important self care practices, remember your baby can and should be included where it makes sense.

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