The 4 month sleep regression

Sometime between months 3 and 4 of your baby’s development, their sleep cycles increase from 2 stages to 4 stages of sleep, which is closer to an adult’s sleep cycle structure. This sleep stage progression usually means that Baby wakes more frequently between sleep cycles because of the different stages of sleep within each cycle. These more frequent wakings are tricky for babies who are not yet skilled at self-soothing and falling asleep independently. Some consider this to be the 4 month sleep regression, so try to anticipate these changes and make adjustments to support more independent sleep as early as possible. But remember that most 4 month old babies do not have the ability to completely self-soothe, so it’s normal for babies to struggle with independent sleep at this age.

Sleep anticipations

Number of naps:
2 – 4
Nap lengths:
1 – 3 hours
Night wakings:
0 – 2
Night sleep:
10 hours
Total amount of sleep:
14 – 15 hours

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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