Transition Out of the Swaddle

By now your baby might be showing signs of rolling over, so if you’ve been swaddling, it’s time to transition them out of the swaddle so they can roll safely.

Continue to follow safe sleep practices

Having your baby begin to roll can be terrifying because you’ve been following safe sleep practices and you know that putting your baby down on their back for sleep is safest. You should still always lay your baby on their back for sleep, but if your baby rolls on their own then they have the muscle strength to sleep safely in other positions. Practice safe sleep with a firm mattress, tight fitting sheet, and nothing in the crib except your baby—not bumpers, blankets, or pillows. If you have set up a safe sleep environment your baby is perfectly fine to roll into a comfortable sleep position. Practice more tummy time during the day to continue strengthening your baby’s arm, neck, and shoulder muscles. This will help with rolling during sleep. 

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