You’ve got this!

You’ve been feeding on-demand for two weeks now and it might feel like you’re still feeding every 2-4 hours, and that’s because you probably are! You may not be initiating each feeding, but your baby still needs frequent feeds for healthy growth and development. Keep responding to your baby’s hunger cues, watch your baby, not the clock.

Feeding anticipations

Number of feedings:
8 – 12 per day
Breastfeeding frequency:*
On demand
Breastfeeding amount:
15 – 20 minutes per breast
Bottle feeding frequency:*
On demand
Bottle feeding amount:
2 – 4 oz

Growth spurts are common at weeks 2 & 3 so feedings may increase.
*If Baby is back to their birth weight, start to feed on demand.

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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